Mind Your Own Music’s mission is to support young and upcoming musicians by providing them with financial and structural support. Our community cares about these talents and want to help them develop their talents, no matter what their financial situation is.

Getting their hands on the right instrument is a challenge that almost every musician faces in their starting years. Here are a few resources that you can try to find a suitable musical instrument for themselves:

  • Assisted purchase with the help of local communities
  • Long-term low-interest loans
  • Renting instruments from the local music service
  • Grants offered by charitable organisations
Resources for Young Musicians

Most young musicians begin their training period by renting instruments from the local music service or their school premises. They are generally assisted by their teachers to find the right instruments and begin their practice sessions.

For talented young artists, local banks and charitable organisations often come forward to provide interest-free or low-interest loan services, which would take care of their training services as well as the instruments required.

Make sure to keep you an eye out for local listings of musical instruments that might be available at a cheaper rate than the market price. Along with these listings, make sure to look for repair guides and booklets which will ensure the long life of the instruments.

Resources for Professional Musicians

Various government funding and organisations provide young professionals grants that allow them to pursue their passion even during their studies. Professional musicians who are under the age of 40 can usually apply for these loans.

Also, various societies are set up by the local art community to provide financial assistance to talented musicians handpicked by their college principals. However, often, the repayment period starts as soon as you would end your time in college and start working professionally.