Mind Your Own Music is a leading charitable community for musicians.

Our Mission Statement

  • We want all kind of musicians to thrive in this community.
  • We support and encourage musicians in all stages of their career.
  • As an independent charity, we take our actions responsibly and willingly.

Our Values

  • We are passionate about what we do and want to infuse the same in everyone working with us.
  • We want to make a meaningful impact in the community with the help of musicians. This pushes us to make deep and long-striving relations with every musician we work with.
  • We are respectful to musicians from all classes of society and are willing to help musicians of all skill levels. We want to be fair and honest with our members while being consistently accountable to our supporters.
  • We want to collaborate with leaders from all areas in the music industry in order to provide a better platform to our leading artists.