Musicians’ Choice of Best Films

Musicians’ Choice of Best Films

Whiplash (2014)

As explained by altadefinizione, In Damian Chazelle’s 2014 drama, Whiplash talks about an ambitious and passionate music student by the name of Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller) who wanted to rise from the top and become one of the greats. He was discovered by Terence Fletcher; an instructor is known for his terrifying methods and the leader of the jazz ensemble. As Andrew became part of Fletcher’s band, his desire for perfection turned into an obsession and with his notorious teacher continually pushing him to the limits of …

usic-Themed Custom T-Shirts

Top 6 Music-Themed Custom T-Shirts

Next to customized vanity shirts, team jerseys and character apparel come the music-themed ones. Music custom hoodies serve not only as a fashion statement but also as memorabilia and a manifestation of a generation’s music culture.
Music T-shirts started to be on-trend in the early ’60s. Preserved music apparel from that era proves to be worth a hundred thousand dollars today! Collecting and preserving music t-shirts is a seriously good hobby.
In this article, we’ll show you the top 6 music-themed custom t-shirts of all time.

Digital Music Library

Where to Back Up Your Digital Music Library

Backing up your whole music library is now made easier, thanks to numerous technological advancements. Before, music libraries were literally music libraries: a room filled with digital photo frame and albums of various artists’ music. Now, saving them and backing them up digitally is possible.
Below are the most common and effective places for you to save your digital music library:
External USB Hard Drives
This is the biggest and probably the most spacious device for you to put your music library in. It’s a portable storage that is big enough for …

Online Music Streaming Platforms

Best Online Music Streaming Platforms

Music and life are inseparable for many of us. A life without music is kind of dreadful to imagine. It is like a black and white photograph beside a colorful photograph.
According to Billboard Magazine, an average person listens to music in 26.9 hours every week. As online film streaming sites become popular, the same goes with online music streaming services.
Looking for the perfect provider for music is sometimes difficult. But, in the age of digital software and application, it is getting easier for everyone. In this article, we listed the best 15 best …

Movies for Music Lovers

Best Movies for Music Lovers

Nowadays, with the rise of music streaming apps and free websites like Movies123 that offer people to listen to upcoming artists for free, it is quite impossible to come across someone that is not interested in music. Add to that, we have now come to the point where watching movies online is better than going out to buy expensive tickets.
With that said, you are now reading this article because you might wonder if there are other musical movies other than High School Musical, which is the favorite movie of kids back in the mid-2000s. If you are a music lover that wants to …