Musicians Portraits

5 Tips for Musicians Portraits to Keep in Mind

Capturing or Painting Self Portraits with custom painting kits of musicians while playing or performing requires certain techniques for them to look natural. You need to let them feel comfortable to capture a good and nice moment of them playing their musical instrument.
Many photographers love to capture them while performing as they release an incomparable vibe. Here are some tips to help you capture a good portrait of a musician playing the instrument.

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The Complete Home Recording Equipment Guide

A recording studio with a standalone DJ controller at home is the most accessible and highly recommended set-up for aspiring musicians. Choosing the right equipment for certain needs, however, might seem like a baffling task. There is a chance later on that one of the tools you bought will end up becoming rarely used or useless. Do not worry, though, because this comprehensive guide will give you a number of equipment suggestions.
The basic kits that you need for setting up your home recording studio are the following:

A computer with fast …