Getting A Guitar

Three Common Misconceptions When Getting A Guitar

So you’ve just finished watching a few poorly made guitar video tutorials from Youtube, listened to  461 Ocean Boulevard, and now you’ve made the decision to buy a Gibson Les Paul so you can strum and pluck like the legendary Eric Clapton?
More often than not, guitar players, especially the newer ones, will think that by getting the same guitar model their idols have, they will acquire the same skills and produce the same sounds.
But, we must say that, in reality, you should start with the more affordable ones. Whether your a new guitar player or an …

Musicians Portraits

5 Tips for Musicians Portraits to Keep in Mind

Capturing or Painting Self Portraits with custom painting kits of musicians while playing or performing requires certain techniques for them to look natural. You need to let them feel comfortable to capture a good and nice moment of them playing their musical instrument.
Many photographers love to capture them while performing as they release an incomparable vibe. Here are some tips to help you capture a good portrait of a musician playing the instrument.

Ask for Demonstration…

The Complete Home Recording Equipment Guide

A recording studio with a standalone DJ controller at home is the most accessible and highly recommended set-up for aspiring musicians. Choosing the right equipment for certain needs, however, might seem like a baffling task. There is a chance later on that one of the tools you bought will end up becoming rarely used or useless. Do not worry, though, because this comprehensive guide will give you a number of equipment suggestions.
The basic kits that you need for setting up your home recording studio are the following:

A computer with fast …


Vlogging 101: Basic Equipment for Musicians

In this digital age, gaining an audience through vlogs and streaming has become even easier but you need to choose right lens for Canon t7i. As different streaming platforms have been steadily gaining a foothold in the internet world, one could say that the potential of this seemingly untapped, replenishing market is unknown. As someone who’s starting a career or building a brand in music, making use of these said platforms can help you to take a step closer to our dreams.
Proven and tested by other online celebrities, video blogs have become an …

Handpan Musician

Ever Heard of the Handpan Musician? Check Out His Amazing Journey

Have you ever heard of the handpans musician? Those who are familiar with handpans know that these instruments are cultural instruments that don’t make it to the mainstream music scenes anymore. But there are still people who want to preserve the culture of playing this fascinating instrument.
In fact, there is a man who has done so. He’s known as the handpan musician and has spent a long time with this musical instrument traveling the world. His name is Daniel Waples and is a man on a mission to showcase how beautiful the handpan is.
The Journey of the …

Musicians’ Choice of Best Films

Musicians’ Choice of Best Films

Whiplash (2014)

As explained by altadefinizione, In Damian Chazelle’s 2014 drama, Whiplash talks about an ambitious and passionate music student by the name of Andrew Neyman (Miles Teller) who wanted to rise from the top and become one of the greats. He was discovered by Terence Fletcher; an instructor is known for his terrifying methods and the leader of the jazz ensemble. As Andrew became part of Fletcher’s band, his desire for perfection turned into an obsession and with his notorious teacher continually pushing him to the limits of …

Alcohol and Music

What to Expect with CBD Together with Alcohol and Music

With intensive research made about Cannabis Oil, people are now having second thoughts about reconsidering it to be legalized based on its positive effects in the body. If a cannabis plant is dissected, according to, two components are being produced: cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
CBD produces CBD oil, a component now used by some manufacturers to medicate inflammation and stress. The whole concept about cannabis being an antagonist to the lives of the people is now gradually eradicated and …


The Benefits Music Can Give You

Music, as we know, is a very fun way to interact with people, to meditate, to relax, and to express oneself. According to news outlets, it is the art that connects the mind to the soul. Just by listening to music, all the stress and negative vibes that one carries on his shoulder can vanish.
In this article, we’ll show you the ways music can be beneficial to you.

The healing power of Musicbland would the world be without music? This type of art is usually considered as the most common type of therapy for simple stress and deeper …

Homeowners and Auto Insurance Bundles

Learn About the Best Homeowners and Auto Insurance Bundles

Your car and home are valuable assets which require having a good Homeowners Insurance Cover. In modern times, most insurance companies have introduced bundled insurance policies where you can insure both the home and the car under one policy to enjoy convenient discounts.
Here are the tips on how you can bundle an insurance policy, how to determine its appropriateness, and the best bundling discounts available.
The best auto and home insurance bundle
The best bundle is the one with huge discounts on top of the fairest price for the two policies…

Audio Devices using Windows 10

Quick Guide in Managing Audio Devices using Windows 10

Our daily living will never be complete without audio. Experts recommend that Audio’s involvement in the classroom instruction increases the retention of key ideas by the students. Movie experiences in different genres are enhanced and become more exciting with the right compliments of audio to every scene. Communication through video calls also requires good audio to have a better exchange of thoughts. Music, which is known to be the language of the soul, is also in the form of audio and something that would make living incomplete without its existence.
Your laptops, …