So you’ve just finished watching a few poorly made guitar video tutorials from Youtube, listened to  461 Ocean Boulevard, and now you’ve made the decision to buy a Gibson Les Paul so you can strum and pluck like the legendary Eric Clapton?

More often than not, guitar players, especially the newer ones, will think that by getting the same guitar model their idols have, they will acquire the same skills and produce the same sounds.

But, we must say that, in reality, you should start with the more affordable ones. Whether your a new guitar player or an experienced one, read below and we will show you what are the three typical misconceptions in getting a guitar.

Do not underestimate it just because it is cheap

When someone sells a guitar for an affordable price, it doesn’t always mean that it is made with low-grade materials and mediocre craftsmanship.

Modern tools and advanced equipment have allowed guitar makers to produce guitars in a more time-efficient and cost-effective way. Competition between makers is also getting tougher every day, forcing them to make more affordable options.

Okay, we must admit that cheaper guitars are not made with top-notch materials like their expensive counterparts. It is made using plywoods as its body instead of solid woods like rosewood and mahogany.

The quality of the other parts such as tuners, pickups, and tremolo mechanism will also vary. But that doesn’t mean that you should turn your back from them. Still, there are guitar makers and brands that have strict quality controls for their goods.

Another reason for the low price tag is that if you buy a guitar from a local or an independent maker, it means it doesn’t have to go through a lengthy distribution line and costly marketing and advertising processes, therefore you can get a decent guitar at a feasible price.

The music depends on the guitar

We don’t know how many times do we have to tell you that the guitar is merely one part of the long equation. Your skills, techniques, and other equipment such as effects, amplifiers, and speakers will also play role in determining the final result of your music.

What you need to do here is understanding the characteristics of your guitar. This way, you’ll be able to make a good combination with the equipment you have and produce nice sounds using even a bargain guitar.

Expensive guitars will always tune well

It might not be wrong for us to say that the lower-priced guitars don’t keep their tune as good as the higher-priced guitars. Yet, not all pricey guitars tune well. Expensive guitars can sound bad too. And, it might be caused by outworn parts.

Don’t assume that you’ll always get fresh parts whenever you buy a guitar. If it has been in the showroom for a while, especially if it’s a display item, chances are it has been gone through some wear and tear.


From the three explanations above, you can learn that a high price tag doesn’t always go in line with the build quality and sound production. Therefore it is important for you to do research and before you go to a guitar shop.

If you are afraid of getting poorly made guitars, you can ask for suggestions and recommendations from friends and guitar forums.

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