Capturing or Painting Self Portraits with custom painting kits of musicians while playing or performing requires certain techniques for them to look natural. You need to let them feel comfortable to capture a good and nice moment of them playing their musical instrument.

Many photographers love to capture them while performing as they release an incomparable vibe. Here are some tips to help you capture a good portrait of a musician playing the instrument.

  • Ask for Demonstration

It is better to ask a foolish question than an act that like a know-it-all, this may be one of the pieces of advice that photographers should keep in mind. If you are not familiar with the musical instruments and how they are played, you can ask for a demonstration from the musician.   Knowing how an instrument is played can help you capture a natural moment of it.

  • Do Research on their Music

A photographer who knows a thing about music has the advantage to take an aesthetic portrait of the musician. This is because they can already identify the perfect moments when capturing photos and they also know how to interact with the musician.

If you do not have any musical knowledge, make sure that you research or asking questions to know more about the instrument. Also, researching about the musician or the type of music they play can be extremely helpful for taking portraits.

  • Ask the Musician to Play Music for You

It is way better to capture a natural moment in any situation. It is also applied in this situation. It is better to capture a photo of a musician who plays their musical instruments naturally. Ask them to play their best music and take pictures while they are doing so. Make them comfortable and encourage them to continue playing even when they hit a wrong note, since this is not a contest.

  • Getting Close-Up of the Action

Having a close-up photoshoot with the musician is particularly important to capture their hand or finger movements. Easier said than done? Well to capture the hand movements of a musician, consider asking them to play softly.

If it still does not work well then you can also ask them if they can stop a little moment from the position while capturing a photo. For this, you will need a lot of patience to capture this moment and get a great and fully detailed portrait of the musician.

  • Making the Instrument a Star in the Project

Most musicians use their most valuable and beloved musical instruments for self-portraits and you cannot just hold or touch their musical instruments carelessly. So it is better to ask them some permission if you want to capture a separate or solo photo of it.  Also, ask them for permission if you can move it around to have a good background or scene for an aesthetic shot.


Musical instruments are the most important thing for most musicians. Great photographs of musicians are often depicted as people who hold their most valued instruments. It is the key to their happiness and playing it is part of their passion.

To make an album or to capture a photo of musicians, it is important to capture a moment that looks natural yet aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the public.

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