In this digital age, gaining an audience through vlogs and streaming has become even easier but you need to choose right lens for Canon t7i. As different streaming platforms have been steadily gaining a foothold in the internet world, one could say that the potential of this seemingly untapped, replenishing market is unknown. As someone who’s starting a career or building a brand in music, making use of these said platforms can help you to take a step closer to our dreams.

Proven and tested by other online celebrities, video blogs have become an effective way to reach out to new and old target audience in limited time. However, vlogs are harder to do than it may seem. Video blogs do not solely rely on the content, but rather starts with the type of equipment you are using as you present yourself online.

Listed below are some of the equipment you’ll need in starting your vlog.


Indeed, a camera is an important equipment that you will need when doing a vlog. Fortunately, there are many kinds of cameras you can choose from depending on your budget and preference.

Phone Cameras

Phone cameras can also be used by musicians to vlog. However, phone cams give you little-to-no flexibility since they limit your movement when recording. The recorded videos may be more pixelated than you had thought it would be.


Since laptops and desktop computers have built-in cameras, webcams are usually used when doing video calls for work and personal matters. Webcams can as well be used to record vlogs. However, like phone cameras, it gives you minimum flexibility and the video quality is merely passable. If you are doing a vlog that requires you to move around a lot, then you should choose another option.


DSLR has been the talk of the town for years for the Cameras & Camera Lens category. Featured with a fast auto-focus and high-resolution video recordings, DSLR cameras give you more control in recording, especially with the quality.

On the downside, these videos are space consuming. You will therefore need to meticulously organize your videos.


Built-in microphones can be quite disappointing with its sound quality. The recording may have a lot of interference.

For a beginner, you can use a USB microphone. Microphones are cheap and portable, but you might have trouble when using one to do multiple records at once.

Since you’ll do a music-related vlog, you need to make sure that your audience can hear your voice loud and clear.

Lighting Kits

Since you cannot control the light, owning a lighting kit is the second-best thing. This is especially true when recording in a studio. Make sure that there’s proper lighting so as not to ruin the quality of the video.

Since lighting kits might be pricey, you can opt for secondhand kits or make a DIY kit instead.

Final Word

There are also many other accessories you can also opt to have when doing vlogs. However, you shouldn’t get carried away with splurging your money especially if it’s not even that important. You should primarily give attention to the basic equipment you will need when starting a vlog, especially if you have a tight budget.

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