Have you ever heard of the handpans musician? Those who are familiar with handpans know that these instruments are cultural instruments that don’t make it to the mainstream music scenes anymore. But there are still people who want to preserve the culture of playing this fascinating instrument.

In fact, there is a man who has done so. He’s known as the handpan musician and has spent a long time with this musical instrument traveling the world. His name is Daniel Waples and is a man on a mission to showcase how beautiful the handpan is.

The Journey of the Handpan Musician

The musician known as Daniel Waples has been through many countries as a street artist showing people the beauty of the handpan. He first tried out the instrument back in 2005. He eventually got his own one-two years later and went to Switzerland to get it.

According to Waples, this instrument has a unique sound that’s very hard to describe. It’s extremely smooth. In fact, he even compares it to the sound a fetus may hear when it is inside the womb of a mother.

The cool thing about this instrument is that it is becoming more and more popular. Waples has stated that he gets a lot of emails asking where one can be bought. There are even some who claim that this instrument can be used in some type of shaman ritual that can be used for healing. As you can see, there are many uses of the instrument. But one thing is for sure– it is in demand.

The Handpan Musician’s Rise to Popularity

What makes his journey rather unique is how he started. He started out as a street musician and eventually was invited to play in a number of gigs. In fact, one of his best gigs was in Surat, Gujarat. There were thousands of people who attended the show and had a blast. Both he and his group of fans had a great time.

Another aspect that makes him really popular is that he also plays other instruments as well. He plays drums, guitar, and other African percussion instruments. Of course, the handpan is what he really specializes at.

The Continuous Journey of the Handpan Musician

While his journeys sound extremely exciting, there are also a lot of sacrifices that Waples did have to make. As a wandering musician, he is an artist that puts his passion before his family ties.

However, he has been working on that aspect of his life and still enjoying his journeys. He has been playing the handpan before even the internet became popular so when he burst into the scene, he became quite the legend.

Even up until today, Daniel Waples is still your adventurous and passionate handpan musician. One of the people who has really popularized the handpan and has made it his life’s work to continuously promote its ethereal and amazing sound.

Daniel Waples is definitely one of a kind with this instrument.

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