Next to customized vanity shirts, team jerseys and character apparel come the music-themed ones. Music custom hoodies serve not only as a fashion statement but also as memorabilia and a manifestation of a generation’s music culture.

Music T-shirts started to be on-trend in the early ’60s. Preserved music apparel from that era proves to be worth a hundred thousand dollars today! Collecting and preserving music t-shirts is a seriously good hobby.

In this article, we’ll show you the top 6 music-themed custom t-shirts of all time.

1.         Winterland Productions

This colorful shirt from 1968 was designed by Bill Graham. The producer and Co-founder of Winterland Productions—one of the most respected in American music history. It is the very first music-themed shirt of that time. After this, graham also produced music shirts for other musicians he was promoting such as The Rolling Stones, Springsteen, and Joplin. Winterland Productions is still in operation today with over 200 printing locations worldwide.

2.         Wes Lang

This shirt started to be in circulation in 2013. It is imprinted with a praying skeleton which represents Kanye West’s 2013 concert tour entitled “Yeezus”. Lang was the man who created the design and modernized it with metallic embellishments. This was a recorder to be the best selling concert shirt of 2013.

3.         Supreme

Supreme is known to be the best music T-shirt producer for music collaborations in the early 2000s. They have produced shirts for singer/songwriter Curtis Mayfield and Lou Reed. They have also designed shirts for bands such as The Supremes, Public Enemy, Factory Records and a lot more. They are also known for printing quality shirts for supporting albums and newly-produced vinyl.

4.         Vivienne Westwood

She is one of the best music shirt designs in the ’70s. Her designs have the most realistic messages and pop colors. She designed memorabilia shirts for musicians such as Malcolm McLaren and Johnny Rotten. Her designs are intimate and romantic; some are even sexual and seductive.

5.         Katharine Hamnett

In 1983, Katharine Hamnett designed music t-shirts for Margaret Thatcher, George Michael, and a lot more. One of her best designs is the “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” and “Where Are You Now”. Her designs are the best-selling ones at that time and preserved shirt designs of her may cost up to $60,000 today.

6.         Cey Adams

She designed the musical collaboration fan memorabilia shirt for Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. She is known for creating designs and collaborating with the musical personalities of different musicians in one art. Her collaborative designs are loved by the 1985 music fans’70s which were proven by how DJ Ross (a famous jockey in the ’80s) partnered with her in his every tour.

Today, music shirts are still on fire. Pop merchandise today can easily be acquired through online shops. Some music fan charters even create their own designs to support their music icon and wear their apparel proudly. Music shirts are one of the best legacies of world music history.

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