Are you a music lover? If you are, then you must have a vast collection of songs from different and probably even all genres. Thankfully in this age, digital and cloud storages as photo stick for iphone are available to help you save and keep track of your music anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of the best and free cloud storages to upload your music library to:


iCloud is one of the most reliable music cloud storage out now. It’s extremely seamless, and it automatically syncs your files to the cloud. Yes, it also works as video and photo storage. The space allotted to files is also big enough, but should you need more, you can easily upgrade your storage size for a reasonable price.

The drawback is that is it quite exclusive to Apple device users. Some Windows devices may be compatible, too, but the device should be of the newest version.

Google Play

Google Play offers many features to its users, including space for about 50, 000 songs. The free one is more than enough to save your music library, but if you want more features, it also offers different services for a paid membership. Moreover, before actually paying for the membership, you get to have a two-month free trial. You can also play your songs through any Google Play from any android device. However, it’s worth noting that Google Play may not be available in all countries.

Amazon Cloud Player

If storage for a couple of hundred songs is all you need, the basic Amazon Cloud Player would suffice. It’s already reliable enough and is focused on services for Amazon Music. If you want more, you can upgrade to premium where all the best features are available. This works best with Amazon Prime users, and the interface is very easy and seamless to navigate. All that needs to be done is some drag and drop of your files from your computer to the cloud.


StreamNation is quite new in the media storage field. However, its free 20gb for your files is very attractive to users. It’s also very easy to transfer songs; with one click, you can import whole music libraries and play them in any device you choose to use. If you like discovering new songs, StreamNation also gives you recommendations on newly-released songs based on the genres of music you uploaded to your cloud.

My Music Cloud

My Music Cloud is the music storage for you if you hate the complicated interface. It also has a one-click import feature from one storage to another, and it offers streaming services, with the option to listen offline to some tracks.  Moreover, it can know your music preferences through the tracks that you listen to, and from those, it recommends artists and songs that it feels you will like. The drawback here is that the storage size is not the biggest, only allowing space for 250 tracks.

Synology Audio station

This cloud storage can be the best one you can use provided that you already have a Synology server device. Yes, it is exclusive to that, which is the drawback in this cloud storage. However, if you do have access to such a device, then you will find that the features are incredibly helpful. Such features include free and unlimited access to manage your songs.


All these cloud storages have free and basic versions that will already cater to your online music storage needs, but should you need more, there are also paid options for you to choose from that will give you more and better features.

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