Guess what. Instagram Stories can now play your favorite songs. It was made known last summer that the new Instagram’s music sticker can work on both snaps and videos. As per the website, it allows you to choose from a vast number of various soundtracks, everything from Bon Jovi to Adele depending on the mood of your story.

Here’s what to do:

  • Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, the first thing to do is to update or download the latest version of Instagram app on your phone.
  • Then, open the app and tap the camera icon located at the top right of your screen to go to Instagram Stories.
  • After capturing a video or photo, hit the stickers tab that can be found at the top of your screen and then select the music sticker. You are now in the Instagram’s library of music where there are thousands of songs available to pick. You can either browse songs by genre, mood or popularity, or just directly search your favorite songs.
  • Each song has a preview, just hit the play button before adding it to your Insta story.
  • If you’re delighted with your song selection, you may fast-forward or play it back using the track to select the specific part that’s appropriate for your story.
  • You can also decide the duration of the song clip to be played but make sure it’s not over 15 seconds.
  • Some songs have lyrics with them which automatically pop-up on your screen when playing.
  • There are various fonts and designs for the lyrics, you can select according to your preference and modify the part of the song you like to be played.
  • If somebody looks at your Insta story, by tapping the lyrics, they can listen more to the song and learn more about the artist.
  • You’re almost ready to post it to your Instagram Story, but before posting it, you can add hashtags, polls, GIFS or whatever you want to. Then, press the “Your Story” tab located at the lower part of your screen, and you’re now all done.
  • For iOS users, you may also select a song before taking a snap or video. To do that, just go to the Instagram Stories camera, then tap the new “Music” option below the record mode.
  • From there, do the same thing. Simply search for a song, pick the particular part you like for your video or snap, and seize your story while the music is playing in the background.

Music Sticker is only available to these countries

The music sticker is not available to all countries as according to the press release from Instagram, this feature is only accessible to specific countries. These fortunate countries include the US, the UK, France, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia. Unfortunately for other countries not included, there is still no update when they can access the music sticker feature.


With this new feature from Instagram, you can now share your mood to everyone through songs or your favorite song. Just follow the guide above to avoid any problems. Try it now!

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