Backing up your whole music library is now made easier, thanks to numerous technological advancements. Before, music libraries were literally music libraries: a room filled with digital photo frame and albums of various artists’ music. Now, saving them and backing them up digitally is possible.

Below are the most common and effective places for you to save your digital music library:

External USB Hard Drives

This is the biggest and probably the most spacious device for you to put your music library in. It’s a portable storage that is big enough for your music library, digital photos, videos, and important documents.

The best thing about this is that the files can be easily accessed even without an Internet connection. Its space is also big enough to take up your every file, freeing up space in your computer; a fact that will allow it to run faster and smoother, resulting in better performance.

However, the need for a USB cable to access files can be quite an inconvenience for you, seeing as almost everything now is going wireless. Also, although it’s as spacious as a desktop computer, it’s not as durable.

USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives are a much compact version of external USB hard drives.

One disadvantage of this is that it’s quite easy to lose because of its size. It can easily fall from your bag, or others can just quickly take a sweep at it.

It’s also true that they offer smaller space than external USB hard drives do, but that small space is still big enough to store at least a thousand songs. Adding to its advantages is its durability. If external USB hard drives have bigger space, USB flash drives have more resistance to damages. It’s small and very compact, which makes it harder to break. This option is also relatively cheaper than the former one.

CD and DVD

Who can forget about burning songs to CDs and DVDs? Back in the day, these two were the digital storage of people, so it’s safe to say that this particular back up method has stood the test of time. CD’s and DVD’s are also not exclusive to songs. If you have audiobooks, videos, and digital photos, you can save them all in these, too.

Moreover, CD’s and DVD’s are safe from hackers as they’re offline, and they can last longer than USB drives can, provided that they are taken care of.

However, do note that because these have been around for some time, players that can play them may get scarce as other forms of storage and multimedia emerge.

Cloud Storage

This is the latest digital storage for people. It’s very convenient, and it’s very easy to use. With cloud storage, there’s no need to worry about losing your back up as it’s not in any way a hard drive.  The space is also big, and if it’s still not enough, you can always add more for a reasonable price.

While it’s now the most preferred back up method, there are still concerns over it such as the security of the files as they are all uploaded online.


All these backup methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but they’re all equally useful. It’s just a matter of which one suits you and your needs the most.

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