Music and life are inseparable for many of us. A life without music is kind of dreadful to imagine. It is like a black and white photograph beside a colorful photograph.

According to Billboard Magazine, an average person listens to music in 26.9 hours every week. As online film streaming sites become popular, the same goes with online music streaming services.

Looking for the perfect provider for music is sometimes difficult. But, in the age of digital software and application, it is getting easier for everyone. In this article, we listed the best 15 best music streaming platforms. Like music, there is so much to discover. So, keep on reading!


As the leading streaming application, Spotify will not disappoint you. Spotify is considered the most popular in the music streaming industry. They allow the users to browse on their more than 20 million available songs. They also help its users to discover old and new songs according to their picks. Users may also create their own playlist and share it with others.

Google Play

Google Play provides free music streaming service. It allows its users to browse on their entire catalog and play music in high quality. Their app is user-friendly because of its compatibility with Android and iOS.


Pandora is not only about streaming music but also in customizing them. With 1 million available music to be browsed in their catalog, Pandora is a great option. They also allow users to create their own accounts that can have access to 100 modified radio stations.

Sound Cloud

If you are more into discovering songs by musicians and aspiring musicians, SoundCloud is the answer. Soundcloud allows its users to browse and listen to songs recorded and posted by other users. Enjoy the creativity and art of others as you have unlimited access to it.


Mixclouds is a popular free music application in google play and apple store. This application surprisingly allows the users to browse music, shows, radio shows, and playlist at no cost. Yes! Everything is totally free.

Xbox Music

Created by Microsoft, Xbox music has an expanding of an estimated 30 million songs. This is the biggest platform in music streaming so far. This application allows Microsoft users to browse their catalog and interesting radio stations.


Grooveshark allows its members and subscribers to browse their music catalog. The unique thing about them is they allow users to be updated to their friends’ music list.


Since 2016, Deezer is already active in giving service to everyone. It currently has 30 million available music options. Their application is compatible with Android, Windows, and Blackberry as well.

My Space and 8clouds

My Space and 8 clouds are like a combination of music streaming provider and a social networking site. It has free music that can be shared with a lot of people.

The Sixty One

With its unique feature, The Sixty One allows the users to browse different songs. Its catalog is also more focused on less popular artists.


Rdio may have the basic function of music streaming site but its functions are quite useful. It is totally free and available to iOS, Android, and Windows.

iHeart Radio, LastFM, Slacker Radio

If you are more into discovering songs and artists, these three sites are for you. iHeart Radio, Last FM, and Slacker Radio allow their users to create and get interesting playlist. Their apps can also be downloaded in Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and Xbox gadgets.

Indeed, there are many ways of playing and discovering songs. Enjoy the free services of those top 15 music streaming platforms!

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