Gone are the times when storing your favorite songs had to be done in a small round disc. Thanks to today’s technological advancements, storing your music has never been more convenient. It is as easier as storing photos on sticks. Now, you can take your music with you wherever you go. There’s not even a need for any tangible storage. In today’s world, cloud storage is the most popular place for people to store their songs in. This has many advantages over its predecessors; one of them is having a huge storage space. Before, there had been a small limit on how many songs you can store; at present, the huge amount of cloud storage space allotted for your music is so big that it’s practically limitless. The only predicament is which cloud storage would be best for you.

To help you, here are some of the best cloud storages to use for your music.


pCloud is one of the most favored music cloud storages right now. It’s easy to use and basically free. One of its first offers is its free 10GB allotment for your songs. Should you have music collection exceeding the 10GB free space, there are reasonably priced packages for you to choose from, too. It’s also very easy to upload albums and folders of songs all in one time and to make things even better, there won’t be any need for you to install additional plug-ins as pCloud already has its own player at your disposal.

Google Play Music

Google users, which are practically everyone, would be glad to know that they, too, can have their own music storage using nothing but the e-mail account they already have with Google.  Google Music Play can store as many as 50,000 songs – all accessible from your device, even the Chromecast-enabled ones. One of its best features is its ability to store deleted songs for up to 30 days, so accidentally deleting your favorite tracks is not really a problem.


MediaFire is also an excellent choice for your personal music cloud storage. It, too, offers 10GBof free storage, but there’s no need to worry if you have a vast collection of songs – MediaFire offers two ways to increase your storage limit: one is by referring MediaFire to your friends and the other is purchasing a five-dollar package that gets you 1-terabyte storage space.


When it comes to big and free storage space, Mega is one of the contenders. Its free storage reaches 50GB. That alone is enough for your collection. However, in case it isn’t, there are still options for you to upgrade the size of your storage.


Sync.com does not have the biggest free storage size, but it makes up for it in different ways. One of those is its ability to restore the files you have already deleted. Another thing you can undo is how you saved your file; you can go back and choose the previous version of the file you currently have.


Today, almost anything can be saved online. There are online video storage and photo storage, and it’s quite fortunate that there are also options for music cloud storage. All that’s left to do now is choose the best service to suit your need.

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