Nowadays, with the rise of music streaming apps and free websites like Movies123 that offer people to listen to upcoming artists for free, it is quite impossible to come across someone that is not interested in music. Add to that, we have now come to the point where watching movies online is better than going out to buy expensive tickets.

With that said, you are now reading this article because you might wonder if there are other musical movies other than High School Musical, which is the favorite movie of kids back in the mid-2000s. If you are a music lover that wants to discover other movies to soothe your soul and rekindle your love for other genres, read on to find out.

8 Mile

This movie is all about Eminem’s personal struggles to get through the ups and downs of life and trying to balance his rapping dreams with his family life. A great movie to watch if you are interested in rap battles and hip-hop.

Wayne’s World

You might have watched this back when you were a kid, but this is a movie about music geeks and being discovered by a television producer that will eventually lead them to have the greatest gig of their lives. Pop-rock music that will make you dance is relevant in this movie, so it is best to watch this with friends on a weekend.

Begin Again

The story is about a record executive and an aspiring singer that is going through a heartbreak from a relationship with a rising lyricist. As they go along to make a solo album, they slowly grew closer to each other. The soundtrack alone will make you swoon and make you fall in love again.

A Star Is Born

It was just last year when this movie was released, but it is a movie that you will watch over and over again. The story is about a music veteran who eventually falls for a struggling musician. You will definitely feel giddy as you watch Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s chemistry and listen to the songs that they sing together.

Burn The Stage: Movie

This is a movie about the K-Pop sensation, BTS. You do not need to be a fan of K-Pop to like this movie as all music lovers will definitely appreciate it. You will have an up-close look at the lives of their seven members while they are going around the world for their tour and listen to all their hit songs that have taken over their fan’s hearts and the world.

There are still tons of music-related movies out there that are perfect for those people that want to discover new music as well as to reminisce the good old days by listening to their favorite tracks while watching the movie.

In recent times, the music that we are listening to have evolved a lot, but as true blue music lovers, we have always learned to appreciate whatever genre it is, and it is truly exciting to explore the songs while watching a movie.


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