Headphones allow us to hear every little detail of the audio or music we are listening to. They also give us a sense of privacy and comfort. This is why more and more people are becoming fond of using them. Because of the hook touching the back of your ear, you tend to feel these beats wireless earbuds vs bose have a little more as you go about your exercise.

However, we tend to use them abusively. We would crank up the highest volume and use them for a long duration. We tend to that the sound these devices offer would directly travel from transducers to our eardrums without any adjustments. Thus, in the long run, it may actually cause us to lose or damage our hearing ability.

Needless to say, proper awareness about the responsible use of headsets would protect us from hearing loss.

This article aims to enlighten us with safety tips when using headphones. We made a list below briefly discussing the do’s and don’ts that we must follow:

Tip #1: Abide by the 60/60 rule

Tahl Cohen, an otolaryngologist in New York City, reiterated that we must play our music at 60% of maximum volume for no greater than 60 minutes in a day. The vital factors are the duration of exposure and the sound volume. We must carefully balance the volume with the length of listening. Otherwise, loud sounds may cause permanent damage to our inner ears, especially in the long run.

Tip #2: Do not listen to sounds at 85 decibels (dB) or higher

The unit used to measure the level of sound is known as the decibel.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have set rules that anyone exposed to sounds that are at 85 dB or higher for at least eight hours is legally obligated to wear ear protection. This is because the said exposure can put anybody at risk for permanent hearing loss.

Tip #3: Turn your volume down

Here are the signs that we need to turn our volume down:

Bear in mind that these are personal audio devices which mean that the sound they emit is only meant to be heard by us. If persons standing around us can hear what we are listening to, then our music is too loud.

If we experience buzzing or ringing in our ears after removing our headphones, our audio is very loud.

If we elevate our voice to be heard because we cannot hear someone standing near us, then it is time to turn the volume down.

Tip #4: Never push them hard into the ears

Pushing it too far may damage the skin of our ear canal. Doing so can put us at risk of developing an outer ear infection. If shoved much further, we could even rupture our eardrums.

Tip #5: Clean them on a regular basis

It is important to keep our gadgets from getting dirty. They should be cleaned weekly and must not be shared as much as possible.

However, if there is a need to share it with anyone just make sure that we properly sanitize it.

Tip #6: Be a responsible user

It is crucial to be responsible enough when using headphones. We must make sure to still be in tune with our environment. When we listen to music, our other senses may become muted. Thus, we may not quickly pick up on environmental cues that help us to remain safe.

Final Thoughts

Headphones are excellent pieces of technology which allow us to enjoy high-quality music on the go. However, they may cause permanent hearing loss if we are not careful about how we use them. Thus, we must always be accountable to maintain our safety and well-being when using them.

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