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Mind Your Own Music is a charitable community looking to assist music creators through all parts of their journey. We are open to helping musicians from all corners of the world. Be it at times of crisis or when someone gets a breakthrough opportunity, we help people at moments where they can make or break their music career.

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5 Tips for Musicians Portraits to Keep in Mind

Capturing or Painting Self Portraits with custom painting kits of musicians while playing or performing requires certain techniques for them to look natural. You need to let them feel comfortable to capture a good and nice moment of them playing their musical instrument.
Many photographers love to capture them while performing as they release an incomparable vibe. Here are some tips to help you capture a good portrait of a musician playing the instrument.

Ask for Demonstration…

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The Festival of St Cecilia: A Celebration of Music

The celebration of music will be returning to Westminster Alley once again this year to pay homage to the Patron Saint of Music, St Cecilia. The Festival of St Cecilia is a celebration of musicians whose legacies continue to enrich our world.
The festival is free to attend for everyone. However, we encourage all visitors to make a hearty contribution towards the thousands of musicians that make events such as these possible every year. All donations will go directly to the musicians involved in the event.
Christmas Cards for Sale
One can further help the community by purchasing a special set of …

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New Festival and Conference: Tipping Point Live

Tipping Point Live is the latest music festival to hit the town, which is an improved version of the popular Newcastle’s go-to music event, which took place in the town annually. The music festival will feature multi-genre movie screenings, panels, workshops, and many more engaging events.
As part of the collaboration with the event organizers, a conference will be held on the opening day of the event called “Futureproofing DIY artists.” The agenda of this conference will be to discuss the plan to support the upcoming musicians of the 21st century.
The panel will further feature Amazing …

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