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Mind Your Own Music is a charitable community looking to assist music creators through all parts of their journey. We are open to helping musicians from all corners of the world. Be it at times of crisis or when someone gets a breakthrough opportunity, we help people at moments where they can make or break their music career.

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The Benefits Music Can Give You

Music, as we know, is a very fun way to interact with people, to meditate, to relax, and to express oneself. According to news outlets, it is the art that connects the mind to the soul. Just by listening to music, all the stress and negative vibes that one carries on his shoulder can vanish.
In this article, we’ll show you the ways music can be beneficial to you.

The healing power of Musicbland would the world be without music? This type of art is usually considered as the most common type of therapy for simple stress and deeper …

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Learn About the Best Homeowners and Auto Insurance Bundles

Your car and home are valuable assets which require having a good Homeowners Insurance Cover. In modern times, most insurance companies have introduced bundled insurance policies where you can insure both the home and the car under one policy to enjoy convenient discounts.
Here are the tips on how you can bundle an insurance policy, how to determine its appropriateness, and the best bundling discounts available.
The best auto and home insurance bundle
The best bundle is the one with huge discounts on top of the fairest price for the two policies…

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Top 6 Music-Themed Custom T-Shirts

Next to customized vanity shirts, team jerseys and character apparel come the music-themed ones. Music custom hoodies serve not only as a fashion statement but also as memorabilia and a manifestation of a generation’s music culture.
Music T-shirts started to be on-trend in the early ’60s. Preserved music apparel from that era proves to be worth a hundred thousand dollars today! Collecting and preserving music t-shirts is a seriously good hobby.
In this article, we’ll show you the top 6 music-themed custom t-shirts of all time.

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Best Free Music Cloud Storages

Are you a music lover? If you are, then you must have a vast collection of songs from different and probably even all genres. Thankfully in this age, digital and cloud storages as photo stick for iphone are available to help you save and keep track of your music anytime, anywhere.
Here are some of the best and free cloud storages to upload your music library to:
iCloud is one of the most reliable music cloud storage out now. It’s extremely seamless, and it automatically syncs your files to the cloud. Yes, it also works as video…

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Best Online Music Streaming Platforms

Music and life are inseparable for many of us. A life without music is kind of dreadful to imagine. It is like a black and white photograph beside a colorful photograph.
According to Billboard Magazine, an average person listens to music in 26.9 hours every week. As online film streaming sites become popular, the same goes with online music streaming services.
Looking for the perfect provider for music is sometimes difficult. But, in the age of digital software and application, it is getting easier for everyone. In this article, we listed the best 15 best …

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Determining the Best Sound System for Your Party

The quality of music is one area that determines the success of a party. Unlike a car audio review site that is normally tailored to your own comfort, party music is an integral part, and you don’t want to have everything working excellently only to be disappointed by the music.
Currently, there is a wide range of sounds, and each type is fit for specific occasions. Before settling on a particular sound, ask yourself whether it will be fit for your event. Several companies have specialized in providing quality music systems that are way better than what you can get …

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Safety Tips When Using Headphones

Headphones allow us to hear every little detail of the audio or music we are listening to. They also give us a sense of privacy and comfort. This is why more and more people are becoming fond of using them. Because of the hook touching the back of your ear, you tend to feel these beats wireless earbuds vs bose have a little more as you go about your exercise.
However, we tend to use them abusively. We would crank up the highest volume and use them for a long duration. We tend to that the sound these devices offer would directly travel from …

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The Festival of St Cecilia: A Celebration of Music

The celebration of music will be returning to Westminster Alley once again this year to pay homage to the Patron Saint of Music, St Cecilia. The Festival of St Cecilia is a celebration of musicians whose legacies continue to enrich our world.
The festival is free to attend for everyone. However, we encourage all visitors to make a hearty contribution towards the thousands of musicians that make events such as these possible every year. All donations will go directly to the musicians involved in the event.
Christmas Cards for Sale
One can further help the community by purchasing a special set of …

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New Festival and Conference: Tipping Point Live

Tipping Point Live is the latest music festival to hit the town, which is an improved version of the popular Newcastle’s go-to music event, which took place in the town annually. The music festival will feature multi-genre movie screenings, panels, workshops, and many more engaging events.
As part of the collaboration with the event organizers, a conference will be held on the opening day of the event called “Futureproofing DIY artists.” The agenda of this conference will be to discuss the plan to support the upcoming musicians of the 21st century.
The panel will further feature Amazing …

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